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Anchorage Alaska


Birthdate: March

Recovery and Delivery Pilot

Public Figure

Discovery Channel



Mike Kennedy

Weapons Trader


Stunt Rider

Stunt Skydiver


Orlando, FL

"The Lone Wolf"  


Weapons trader, Zoologist, conservationist, thrill seeker   

Charter pilot, been doing repo for 20 years   

His office is in Orlando, his home is the road.


As a world-class motorcycle stunt rider, skydiver and aircraft daredevil, 56 yr.-old Mike Kennedy has a need for speed and danger. A high-end recovery expert, weapons trader and Animal Zoologist, Mike finds himself in hotel rooms and backwaters all over the globe, often with potentially deadly altercations brewing right outside his door. Normally working solo, but sometimes with a small and seasoned crew, Mike - who can fly just about anything - is deft with flight permits, fuel stops, customs issues, import, export and capturing the elusive log-book. His kids grown and his youth behind him, a voice in his head dogs Mike to get the most out of life.


“There’s just not enough time,” he’ll say. Meanwhile, the high-adrenaline lifestyle has taken its toll on his body, and though he’s in better shape than men half his age, he’s feels it in the morning. But when he gets the call, his muscle memory fires up like a rifle kick, and he goes into high gear- be it to recover a drug lord’s Learjet in default, delivering lethal weapons into the hands of good guys, or finding a distrustful leopard a new peaceful home – it’s one endless carpe diem and he’s his own boss. Still, being the Lone Wolf has its downside: every time he captains his repo off the runway, there’s the nagging white-knuckle question – did he check absolutely everything?

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