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Airplane Repo


Three adrenaline-seeking repo men push themselves, and the law, to the edge to capture multi-million-dollar luxury jets. Thrill-seeker and ace pilot Mike Kennedy scours the Florida night in search of a Learjet that might just crash and burn. Family man Ken Cage and tattooed partner, Danny Thompson, chase an elusive Baron 58 aircraft across the rugged Arizona desert. Wily cowboy, Kevin Lacey, pursues a Cessna airplane into rattlesnake-filled rural Texas straight into the drawn pistols of the Texas police. It’s good old American know-how meets cloak-and-dagger, where dangerous heists mean big paydays and even bigger risks.




For 35 years, CubCrafters has been in the business of advancing the classic Piper Super Cub, legendary for its bush flying and off airport performance. While our engineering has further improved STOL performance, we have also focused on improving every aspect that makes the Super Cub platform uniquely capable. The result is a range of modern adventure aircraft that are designed and engineered for backcountry flying. Pilots are rewarded with not only STOL performance, but also remarkable flight characteristics, uncommon comfort & ergonomics, unmatched range, and class-defining utility.

With natural beauty that would tempt even a seasoned traveler, the Mexican Caribbean is the perfect setting for a world class hotel with comfortable accommodations. Choose from the variety of our diverse resorts and explore the Mexican Caribbean, where nearly everything you’ve dreamed of is possible. With four resorts to choose from, Sunset World offers a variety of experiences provided by one company. Choose from an ocean resort in the throbbing city of Cancún or hide away from the world in the Riviera Maya. The perfect breathtaking views of this tropical paradise are the promise of your dream vacation. With more than 25 years of experience in the hotel business, Sunset World is more than rooms, pools, and beaches. Sunset World is an experience—a moment to create unforgettable memories, and an opportunity to discover paradise.


WILDCON is… dedicated to the conservation of endangered and threatened wildlife and wild places, on land or within the sea. WILDCON is a direct action foundation that provides hard assets to persons and organizations (governmental and non-governmental) with specific needs that cannot be addressed because of lack of funding. To be considered by WILDCON, the requesting party's need must relate directly to critical environmental matters such as the saving of endangered or threatened species of fauna or flora. WILDCON's “due diligence” in the form of onsite research (verification) determines the validity of the stated need. There is often a significant difference between a “want” and a “need”. It is the latter which WILDCON seeks to address. 


Proudly Owned and Operated by Former Pilots

For over 25 years Factory Direct Models has been creating successful business solutions and building models of all types for the world’s most accomplished aircraft manufacturers and industry professionals. Our absolute dedication and the relentless pursuit of perfection is what differentiates FDM from every other model maker. Our award winning customer service team and knowledgeable quality control team, comprised of former and current pilots, ensure that every model we ship not only meets our client’s expectations, but rather exceeds them. Simply said; Models for pilots built by pilots.


TVR photography


Since 1989, Tyson V. Rininger has been covering all aspects of photography including corporate portraiture, studio imagery, motorsports, aviation and more.


Tyson first began working as a contract photographer for the Point Mugu Air Show while still in high school. In the early '90's, he took up studio and location photography for corporate clientele while expanding his aviation coverage which has included becoming a contributing photographer and marketing designer for the California International Air Show, Salinas since 1996. In 2001, Tyson was commissioned by the Monterey Bay Blues Festival to create their 16th annual millennium celebration poster and program cover. This was the first year a photograph was used instead of a painting resulting in record sales of signed and unsigned prints.

The field ranger is at the forefront of anti-poaching and conservation efforts throughout Africa and globally. As the law enforcement component of nature conservation, rangers work in sometimes harsh and hostile environments.  To do their jobs ethically, effectively, and safely, they need to be well prepared.

Our training facilities equip learners with the knowledge and skills they need, including ground-to-air and K9 capabilities. We keep abreast of the latest tactics and technologies being applied in the field and we are constantly innovating new practices.


Torch Eyewear brings together a world-class team of designers, developers, manufacturers and athletes. Founder and CEO, Louis Wellen, has worked with all levels of athletes in most every sport over the past 30 years.  Every frame and lens option featured has been carefully considered and exclusively designed by our team.

Torch Eyewear is designed in the USA, manufactured in Italy by families who have been building the highest quality eyewear for many generations. 

Our injection molded frames and polycarbonate lenses are manufactured in Italy by families who have been building eyewear for many generations. Our lenses are manufactured to the highest quality standards that equal or surpass industry standards for optical quality and impact resistance. These tolerances allow our you to see distortion-free with high impact protection while blocking out every harmful ray the sun can throw at your eyes.


Pecos Bill provides complimentary Freedom Flights to WWII Veterans and Purple Heart Recipients to thank them for their service to our country, along with fly-over tributes at WWII Veterans' funerals & events.  Please watch the videos above to learn more about the positive impact Pecos Bill makes.

We appreciate your help in “Keeping ‘em Flying!” each year.  Your sponsorship will provide critical funding to aid in the maintenance and operation of Pecos Bill. You will help us to continue to fly the mission to honor our veterans and educate future generations about the importance aircraft like Pecos Bill played. You can sponsor Pecos Bill by clicking the button below.  Once we receive your information we will call you to confirm and – most certainly – with a big thank you!

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